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Yoga learning님의 Yoga강의 청각장애인을 위한 자막


- Alright, my friends,
let's begin
in a nice power stance
today to boost our spirits,
boost our confidence.
Nice wide stance, just
a little bit wider than
hip width apart, and then strap
your boots on, just kidding,
but lift up through the front
body, and ground through
the back body, so we're
actively lifting up through
the chest, and actively
relaxing, down anchoring down
through the fingertips,
through the shoulder blades,
and then just check
out where your pelvis is
in that as well,
just have an awareness.
Okay, so maybe you lift up as
if you had little headlights
on your hips maybe you lift
up towards the sky, and then
just lengthen the tailbone down.
Just feel it out, no right or
wrong here, just connecting
to the energy of the body as
we stand up nice and tall.
And send some
awareness out to all parts.
And then we're trying to walk
off the mat in five minutes
and feel like we're one
part again, one moving part.
So, we'll bend the knees and
inhale, reach for the sky,
just spread your fingertips
and really stretch the arms.
So really really reach
energetically, all the way up,
and then exhale,
float it down.
And see if you can take
up even more space here,
bend the knees, inhale,
spread the fingertips,
and exhale,
floating down.
Couple more times,
inhale, nice fresh breath in,
feel your feet on the earth,
and exhale, let go of anything
that's been bugging you
or bringing you
down, just let it go.
And one more time, big inhale,
reach up overhead fingertips
kiss, and then exhale,
release again, allowing anything
that's not serving you, let it
go, all right, and then we're
slowly begin to
check in with the neck,
by nodding the head no.
And try to keep
that lift in the heart,
that grounding through the
back, and then yes, yes, I will
rise to my full potential.
Bring the head back
to center stillness,
hands come to the waistline,
and then we take this power
pose a little bit further,
by looping the shoulders around
and back, so we're literally
going to anchor the shoulder
blades down the back body
you can have some fun with it,
and then lift your toes
and press the feet
away from the earth.
So you're trying to create
this little rebound effect
with the feet.
And then take your thumbs to
the back and then just play
with that pelvic tilt again,
finding that lift up through
the front body, and
then I think it's nice to use
the thumbs to kind of
press down and find that length
through the back body, so
we're balancing polarities here
using the body as a
tool to feel it out.
Inhale, nice power pose here,
draw the elbows back towards
each other, notice
how this makes you feel.
Inhale, and then exhale,
soft bend in the knees as you
take your heart forward, and
slowly we're going to come
all the way
down to Forward Fold,
but take your
time, and again keep
bend in the knees, eventually
the fingertips will reach
down towards the earth, whether
they touch the ground or not
no big deal, and then we're
going to turn the toes out
and we're just going to
keep a soft bend in the knees
and swing side to side,
stretching through the upper
back body, you can do figure
eights with the fingertips,
I'd like to ask you to
activate the breath here.
Little gorilla pose,
strong in the legs, waking up
the feet, the calves,
the muscles of
the thighs, the quads,
stretching through
the hamstrings,
activating through the glutes,
and the lower back body,
the upper back body,
and then finally let
the weight of the head go,
as you swing and sway,
side to side, one more breath,
here, you got it,
stick with it, don't give up,
and then release, awesome.
Come back to center,
you're going to walk the feet
right underneath you now, so
it's one solid standing post
here, squeeze the legs together,
bend the knees and roll it up.
And as you roll up, really
feel your feet on the earth.
Draw energy up from the arches,
the inner thighs,
lift up through the front body,
ground through the back body,
and roll up, rise up strong,
feel the blood flow.
Beautiful, and here we go,
we're going to walk it out,
so keep the energy up here,
even if you're still
feeling a little tired,
see if you can
draw energy up from the
pelvic floor up through
the midline even more.
So nice and slow, again,
continuing to wake up through
the hamstrings, and we're
going to touch opposite
fingertips to opposite
toes, you can keep that knee
bent as much as you want,
or if you're going for more
flexibility today, you'll try
to keep length in the leg,
so this will be a
little different for everyone.
So we're starting to
wake up more muscles here.
Maybe get the heart rate
going a little bit,
welcome a little heat, allow
this to effect your breath,
and allow your breath
to guide the movement.
So we're marrying the
movement and the breath
in any way you see fit.
Just pay attention to
your breath, basically.
Alright, then,
even it out here,
and now we bend the knee
opposite elbow to opposite knee.
And you can work on a
contraction in your abs here,
this is our last bit,
so give it your all,
stand up nice and tall.
Ooh, my glutes are
sore from something else,
I can feel it, nice.
All right, keep it going.
See if you can be
light on your feet,
and keep your heart lifted.
Alright, beautiful,
even it out.
And then release.
Open the palms,
bring the feet together, inhale.
And exhale, Mountain Pose.
Nice work, inhale, draw
the hands at your heart,
and exhale, bow the head,
mind intelligence, body
intelligence, coming together.
Sweet bat the eyelashes open,
and have an awesome day.

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