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Yoga learning님의 Yoga강의 청각장애인을 위한 자막


- Alright welcome,
let's wind it down.
Let's start in a nice
comfy seat of your choice.
You can sit up on something,
you can sit on
the edge of the couch,
or in a chair, just come
to a nice comfortable seat.
And let's start to
give the thinking mind
a little bit of a break here.
Let's close the eyes,
trust me, trust yourself,
trust the video,
hard part is over, you started
the video and now we're
here so let's close the eyes,
sit up nice and tall
and just begin to
tune into the
sound of your breath.
And best you can, just
see if you can kind of notice
where your energy lies,
maybe it's a little anxious,
a little stressy,
maybe you are
already feeling lethargic,
and you just want to
ride the wave to sleepy town.
So whatever it is for
you, it will be different
for everyone.
Just take stock.
And then nice
and slow we're going
to drop the right ear
over the right shoulder
and just send the
left fingertips out long.
And then slowly draw your
left fingertips up towards
the ceiling and breathe here.
And then bring the
head back up to center
and you're going to
cross your left arm all the way
across your chest, use the
right hand to guide it over
and sit up nice and tall
and then soften your gaze
or close your eyes
and breathe deep here
and then use an
exhale to release everything
and draw the left ear
over the left shoulder
and send the right
fingertips out on a nice soft
easy movement,
slowly telling the brain
it's time to slow down.
Right fingers
up towards the sky,
make sure you're
not clenching in the jaw.
Take a deep breath in,
and then exhale
head over heart,
and we swing the
right arm gently over,
maybe left hand catches
and we breathe a little deeper.
See if you can slow
your breath down here.
Really pay attention.
We'll slowly release
and moving slow here
in this transition,
use your hands on the earth
or if you're on the
couch or a chair, you're going
to come down to the
ground now, move nice and slow,
as if you're
moving through water
and we're going to come
all the way to our backs.
And as soon as you get
there, really feel the earth
underneath you, that support,
and hug the knees
up to the chest and give
yourself a great big hug here,
nice big breath as you
feel supported by the earth,
find length in the spine
as you squeeze the knees
up towards the chest.
Now rock gently side to
side here if it feels good.
Maybe peel the nose
up towards the knees.
And then take a
deep breath in here
and as you exhale,
really relax the shoulders
and just empty it out with
everything you've got here.
Two more like that,
inhale in,
and empty it out.
And one more, inhale in,
and empty it out.
Hands come to the knees, you're
just going to draw circles
with the knees,
nice and slow one way,
and then the other.
Still acknowledging the support
of the back body,
deepening the breath,
using every exhale to
relax the weight of the body.
A little deeper,
to let go of the day,
reverse your circle
if you haven't already,
and then when you feel
satisfied, you're actually
going to take the
knees nice and wide,
let the feet be soft here,
you can kind of flipper them
out too a little bit,
to relax through the ankles.
Just allow the knees to go wide.
And you can stay here or you
can transition to Happy Baby.
So if you want something
that's a little more passive,
you might just stay here,
close your eyes,
relax your shoulders,
let gravity do the work.
Or maybe a Happy Baby, grabbing
the outer edges of the feet,
sending the soles of
the feet towards the sky,
and breathing deep,
nice, soft, easy inhalations.
Nice, smooth, easy exhales.
Then slowly
releasing the legs to earth.
Start with the
feet on the ground.
And to extend the legs out
long, we're going to windshield
wiper the legs, so you'll
start by shifting the knees
to one side and
then the other
and then slowly
the legs will
extend out as you shift
from one side to the other.
And just kind of releasing
any tension in the glutes,
in the hips,
it should feel really good
as you get down
there, heyo, good night.
And eventually the
legs extend all the way out.
Take the arms, bring
them gently at your side,
relax the feet, relax the
hands, take a deep breath in,
and use a big exhale
to relax your entire body
completely and
fully into the mat.
Choose to relax
and allow your body to restore.

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