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Hey what's up you guys and welcome back to Gal. If you guys are new here I do video
editing tips, production tips, photo, and
audio all to help you guys create better
content so if you guys are new here
please consider hitting that
notification bell so you guys are
notified on the latest tips and tricks
on the channel so in this video I'm
going to be adding to the last tutorial
I did which I showed you how to make
voice sound better using the essential
sound panel so now the question is what
if you want to add music to this track
so that way you can mix voice with music
and have it sound good so you can hear
the voice at the same time in a new
service that I've discovered that allows
you to customize music for video is
called Syncly Music now it's a web app
but you can also install the premiere
extension to actually search for in
customize music inside of premiere so I
have the panel open here after you
install it you just go up to a window
extensions and open up the Syncly music
so you can see they have a bunch of
great playlists that they have put
together based on the mood that you're
going for I personally like this track
called Mono Lake and I select that
and then you can choose to change the
tempo so if I wanted to increase that or
reduce it or make it an underscore a
very sparse minimal track which is super
cool you can also go up to the stems and
I can turn off let's say the marimba or
the pad so now it's literally just the
guitar now and the percussion if I
wanted to bring back the bass in I can
just select this and if I wanted to add
more rhythmic atmospheres I can bring
this in just by sliding it
and if I wanted to bring in some strings
just increase that a bit so it's almost
like you're composing the track right
and what's better yet once you get it to
the place that you like you can just hit
pause and better yet now I can just go
up here and hit download and it starts
to mix the track for you and make those
alterations and after it's done
adjusting it and making the adjustments
it'll begin to download and then it will
save it into the project folder it'll
ask you what you want to save it as and
then it will automatically import it in
to your project panel so what I'm going
to do is just drag and drop this
directly into audio track 2 here in the
timeline so you can see the audio
waveform if you do not see the audio
waveform be sure to hit this wrench tool
and show audio waveform now what we're
going to do is mix it so this has
already been mixed in the last tutorial
so now let's just play this back to see
how the music sounds with the dialogue
"there are only 14 peaks in the world
that rise to over 8,000 meters" it's just
a bit loud so what we want to do is
level this out using the essential sound
panel so the essential sound panel if you
don't have it open be sure to go up to
window and then select a essential sound
and then this is where you're going to
select the audio type in this case this
track is music so select music and here
you're going to select Auto match and
watch what happens see how it lowers the
audio waveform so if I uncheck it and
then recheck it you'll see that it just
lowers it a bit so what we can do now is
play it back and if we need to lower the
volume at all any further we can use the
volume control down here in the lower
right so let me just play this back and
we'll make adjustments "there are only 14
in the world that rise to over 8,000
meters all" so that sounds about good at
this level you may have to reduce it
more if you have a more upbeat kind of
popping music track so that is how you
level your music using the essential
sound panel if you guys want to learn
about ducking how you make the audio go
down and then up again when you're
working with dialogue you can certainly
watch a whole tutorial that I already
made on Auto ducking and I have a full
course on how to mix sound even ambience
and sound effects on Pluralsight and
thanks again to syncly music for
sponsoring this video don't forget to
use code GAL199 when you guys sign up
for a 30 day trial and you can save $41
dollars on your annual subscription let
me know if you guys like this video be
sure to give it a thumbs up because then
I will know that you guys like this type
of video and also a huge shout out to my
current active patrons Katerina L.
Rebecca B, Michael Jantz, Gayle Sasao,
Kyle Thompson, John Simon, and Richard
O'Leary. I appreciate your guys support
so much you help make these videos
possible you guys are new to patreon I
encourage you guys to go check out the
community and the perks. See you guys
next time bye!

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