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Hey what's up you guys and welcome back
to Gal now today we're going to be
talking about music and music is such an
important part of your editing process
at least for me it's usually the first
thing that I look for when I begin my
edit and it kind of I don't know it
creates the tone in the mood for your
film it complements the imagery right so
I have used soundstripe for years and
soundstripe is actually the sponsor of this
video and I'm super excited that they
just came out with a new Premier Pro
panel where you can search their library
directly in Premiere and when you
license it it downloads directly into
your project panel Soundstripe is
Unlimited so it's a monthly fee so you
can get as much music as you want for
any type of project there's no licensing
issues so thanks to Soundstripe for
sponsoring this video if you guys want
to sign up for it and test it out you
can use my code GAL10 so in this
tutorial I'm going to show you a little
bit about how to use the panel and then
how you can remix the music track to be
any duration for any video so you can
take a track that's three minutes and
remix it down to one minute and thirty
seconds if that's the length of your
video so without further ado let's go
ahead and jump on in so to download the
soundstripe extension you're gonna
download it from the Adobe exchange and
it's free
you just click free and then it will
just install directly into your Adobe
Creative Cloud desktop app of course you
can use soundstripe without premiere
you would just go to their web app and
you can search here in download so let's
show you how it looks like inside of
premiere so once it's installed you're
gonna go up to window extensions and
open up soundstripe
alright so once you're inside the soundstripe panel this is where you can start
to filter for your music you can search
by mood genre pace instruments key artist
playlist vocals or instrument duration
BPM and even advanced underneath
advanced because I'm always looking for
new music I always
check hide previously licensed that way
I'm not getting the same music so for
this sequence that I have if I open up
the program it's just the stock video
shot of this guy on the mountain so I'm
looking for something that's kind of
inspiring and cinematic so this is where
soundstripe comes at handy so I can
choose mood and I can choose inspiring
it as a mood and you can see that the
filter is applied now for genre
let's choose cinematic and then let's
choose a pace that's kind of slow
because the footage is in slow motion so
we'll try that and then you can
definitely search different playlists if
you like or particular artists that
you're a fan of inside the soundstripe
library but for us I'm always open to
finding new artists so you can go
through and start to listen to all these
tracks that have these filters on until
you find one that you like so I found
this track here let's just play it back
for you
so I really liked the sound and vibe of
this particular track of course if
you're looking for a particular
instrument like a piano versus a guitar
this is where you can filter by the type
of instrument which comes in handy if
you need to narrow down your search more
so what we can do now is we can then
download and license this track if you
do not have a soundstripe account you
can always import the watermark track
until you're ready to sign up and once
you do sign up be sure to use the code
GAL10 to get 10% off so you see I'm
logged in here all I need to do is
license the track and then soundstripe
automatically puts in the project title
the same title as your Premiere Pro
project title but of course you can edit
this then you can choose the licensing
type so what type of project is this for
I chose tutorials because that's what my
content is but you can choose any type
of project here there's a vast array
what I really like is they have
non-profit real estate all sorts of
different things all the way down to
YouTube creator and vlog which is pretty
cool then you just choose the type
MP3 or WAV I'm going to choose wav and
it starts to license it and it will
import it in to your project panel so
you can see it's here it was
automatically put into my music folder
because I had that folder selected while
I did that so you can double click and
you can see that we have the full audio
track here now it's a minute in duration
roughly and this sequence is 45 seconds
in duration here so what we need to do
is remix this so let's go ahead and
double click that again and drag this
into our sequence here and you can see
it's longer we need to remix it now one
thing to bear in mind is that soundstripe does have certain tracks that
have these arrow down so you can see if
there's alternate versions that are in
the duration of your video which is
useful so you may be able to use this
but because this particular track
doesn't have any other alternate
versions I need to remix it using
auditions features so to do that you're
just going to select the clip right
click and go into edit clip and Adobe
Audition and from here you just need to
make sure to create a multitrack session
right-click and create new multitrack
session and we'll just call this session
and hit okay and then you're gonna drag
and drop the audio clip in here so now
we have the audio track in here and the
next step is to choose the audio type
we're going to choose music and then
we're going to check duration and this
is where we can put forty-five seconds
since that's the duration of our video
and then hit remix and it will start to
analyze this clip you'll see the
percentage and bam it's done and you can
see the resulting target it got it down
to 49 seconds so what it did was create
cuts automatically so you can see it
just made one cut here let me just make
this bigger so you can see it's kind of
like a Frankenstein cut and it found
that to automatically make a cut to
match the beat that way it's almost
seamless and you can't hear the
difference so let's listen back to see
how well it did I couldn't hear it cut
there so that was pretty seamless so
sometimes you'll get multiple cuts and
other times it's a very simple cut so
you can see it's a little bit longer
than 45 seconds so what we need to do is
play around with a different time
let's try 40 and it ends now at around
44 seconds which is close enough to what
we need so you can see the only cut here
was done here let's just make sure that
we can't hear any cuts
it was perfect so then what we need to
do is we need to go to file and we need
to go to export export to Premiere Pro
mix it down to a stereo file and then be
sure to open it up in Premiere and hit
export and then you can choose which
audio track to import it into let's
choose audio track 3 so I'll just choose
A3 and hit OK and now what we can do is
we can just delete this previous track
and now you can see it ends perfectly we
can just roll these clips back and let's
just play it back to see how it ends
I love the remix feature because you can
really get that feeling of the music
ending like the music was actually
composed for the video versus just
adding a cross-dissolve to the end of
the audio track this is why I love the
remix feature but again remember you can
always use soundstripe's alternate
versions if you're looking for a
particular length so you don't have to
use remix but use the remix tool if you
really need a customized length for your
video so I hope that you guys enjoyed
this video if you guys want more music
or audio related content on the channel
be sure to give this video a thumbs up
and if it reaches 5,000 likes I know
that you guys want more content like
this be sure to use my code GAL10 if
you would like to sign up for a sound stripe
membership I'll put my link to a
playlist of music that I use in the
description box below and a huge shout
out to my new patrons we just hit over
50 patrons on my patreon community if
you guys join you can get free templates
each month unlimited access to my store
and direct message support so cheers to
everyone that has shown their support
head over to
and check it out thanks again see
you guys next time bye
put some arrows man think I'm stuck in a

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