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hello everybody and welcome back to Gal
today I have a very special treat for
you it is a new tutorial on this
beautifully horrific logo template from
envato elements so you guys can check
that out I'll be showing you how to edit
and customize it in After Effects and
then we are jumping into Premiere Pro
where I'm going to show you lovely sound
design techniques using sound effects
and music from today's sponsor soundstripe and before we get in don't get
too ahead I wanted to let you guys know
about a new template that I've designed
with my lovely little fingers a text
message templates go to
and check it out or you
will be cursed
anyway let's go ahead and jump on into
the tutorial alright so once you download
the template it's really easy to edit
the first thing you want to do of course
is replace this logo with your own I've
already imported my logo here it's the
light purple logo here all you need to
do is double click on this composition
called your logo double click and you
can drag and drop your logo here inside
on top and then you can hit S on your
keyboard to scale this down to fit or
the other logo is and then just simply
turn off the eye of the Envato logo now
because this is Halloween I want to
change the color of my logo not to be
this kind of pink purple but a red color
so this is where I'm going to go on to
the right and choose effects and presets
and I'm gonna type and fill and I'm
going to drag and drop fill on to my
logo and this will default to a bright
red color I'm going to choose a new
color and make it a little bit darker
red and then hit OK and now if we go
back to the final render animation
you can see that it just loads up and it
will replace it with your logo and it
kind of adds kind of grungy texture
which comes as part of the template so
it's really easy to edit the other thing
that you can do let's say you want to
change the text here completely remove
it what you can do is go back to the
project tab you can double click on the
text compositions here and you can edit
this text to be anything you like and
then you can double click on the wall
left side text and you can edit this and
change the font if you like
so then going back to the final
animation and now it's good to export
just go up to file export add to render
queue you can change the output settings
and then choose your output location
here by double clicking and choosing
your location hit save and then render
and once this is done rendering we're
gonna jump in premiere I'm going to show
you how you can use Soundstripe's panel
In Premiere to download some creepy
sound effects and music how to apply
effects in layer sound to create a really
cool creepy sound design for this logo
intro so let's jump into premiere
alright so here we are in the final
sound design sequence you can see I have
eight different audio layers here
happening which I will show you how I
created one little tip that's useful if
you hit on this wrench tool you can
expand all the tracks so you can see it
better so you can move this up and you
can get a nice look at all of the
different tracks that are happening
another tip when you start adding in
audio layers is you can right click on
them and rename them to something that
you would remember or with a
collaborator so they can easily
recognize what this track is so I name
this ambience so let me just play this
back for you let me just minimize this
and let's go ahead and play this back
and you can listen to all the different
sounds I added
I also added a little moment here at the
end usually in you know horror films
they have a moment of darkness and then
uh so I added that in I will show you how I did
that as well so let's go ahead and let's
go to the version without any sound so
what I had to do was just imagine by
playing this back what sort of sounds
were going on so when this first drops
there's probably a crash there's
probably some chain noise something like
something rattling right and then
there's this little monster shadow
that's happening so I imagine something
slimy coming out we need some sort of
slimy squishy sound and then there's
some flickering that's happening here so
some static and electricity and then
probably some ambience and then at some
sort of like creepy laughs and then of
course some music I added and then for
this bit I added an explosion and just
some ambience as well some dark spooky
ambience so what I did is I used a
service called Soundstripe I use them
all the time for unlimited music for any
video project I'm working on and they
just released a new panel so you can
actually search for sound effects and
music and license it all inside of
Premiere Pro and I made a whole video on
how to use this panel and set it up so
I'll put a card up in this video so you
guys can check it out so all I did was I
was like okay I want to get these
different sounds all I did was I search
for these sound effects under the SFX
here and so one of the effects that I
downloaded was a heavy plate crash
so I just searched heavy plate and then
what you can do is you can scroll down
and this was the effect that I use let
me just play this
so that's the sound I use for when my
logo comes crashing down and all I did
was hit license and I choose the name of
the project and the project type you can
license it for any type of project this
is a tutorial and then you import the
sound effects so what I did was I just
searched their library for music and
sound effects for everything that I
wanted to use and it automatically
imports here in your project panel and
then what I did was I created a folder
and I just put all the sound effects
here and then I started to build the
design right so the first thing that
happens here let me just move the the
panel over oh and one thing about the
panel - if you guys are interested in
sound stripe you can use my code GAL10
to get 10% off your subscription which
is pretty cool so let's start here with
the the crash so this is coming crashing
down so I had some sort of like glass
crash like a smash so this is the sound
I used in the beginning and to set an
out point just hit O and it will only
use that part of the sound so just drag
audio only down into audio track layer
one so now we have the crash and then
what we need is that heavy plate sound
as well so let's find that I believe I
called it heavy plate crash so let's
drag this down as well just next to each
other you can kind of use this toolbar
down here to zoom in and out so you have
more precision so you're just going to
actually layer this a bit but I'm going
to bring this down and layer this like
so a little bit over like that
it's good and also there's a chain drop
and I found a chain drop sound right
here so I'm gonna layer that as well
just by dragging that down I'm gonna
move it over so it's more in the
beginning cool now it's starting to come
to life another thing that happens with
the cable it's kind of like a squeaky
sound so I downloaded the squeaky cable
sound it's really creepy and I just had
this down on audio track layer 4 it can
be on any layer it doesn't matter just
going to drag and drop this down here
and so let's see how it sounds so another
thing that's going on is the squishy
kind of sound of the shadow monster so
let's go ahead and let's find this one
it's called squishy liquid it's really
creepy and then we're just going to find
the moment here when the monster comes
out which is right about here and let's
just drag this over and then to
duplicate this since we want it to go on
longer I just hit the alt or the option
key on my keyboard click and drag and
let go and so now we have two instances
and then you can see they they go back
inside here so we need to extend this
just a little bit I'm going to click alt
option and duplicate it again and then
I'm just going to edit this by rolling
this back and hitting C to cut this
here and then hitting V to go back to
the selection tool selecting the excess here
and hitting delete and then just move
this over so that's done another thing
that's going on is the electricity going
on and off so if we mute all of these
you can see that there's some flashing
right here is when it really starts so I
downloaded this electricity let me
double click that I hit out to just drag
this audio and then I just line it up
right here is when it starts so right
here let's unmute this and then there's
a little bit more so I'm just going to
take the second instant and hit I here
for this end point I'm going to hit I
and then for the out point I'm going to
hit O and then it's just going to
drag this section and drag and drop this
down and then we just want it to stop
right when this stop so so right about
we want it to stop right there so now it
looks like this perfect and so then
another thing that I had in the
background was kind of an evil laugh so
I downloaded this evil laugh here
Demon's laughs so let me just unmute
these now and let's drag the evil laugh
here and I kind of had him laughing when
it went black
so you just hear that as well so let's
just play this back to see how it sounds
so the beginning feels very full but
there is some stuff missing here we want
to keep the squeaky cable going so let's
duplicate that let's hit alt option and
let's bring that over and we can just
roll this edit back to end when the clip
ends and we also want to add in some
ambience throughout the whole thing so
that way it's not completely silent in
the background so I downloaded this
track where did it go
ambience it's kind of like a Halloween
kind of dark noise so what I'm going to
do is just drag this audio down so that
way this is playing the entire time so
let's go ahead and play it back and see
how it sounds
so it looks pretty good one other thing
that we can do to kind of make it a
little bit more creepy at the end as we
can actually roll back the edit a little
bit because it's actually quite long we
don't need it to go this long so you can
just roll this edit back to be a little
bit shorter and then we can add on a
cool transition that's from film impact
I really love their transitions you guys
should check them out I'll put a link in
the description it's basically like a
it's called a glitch impact glitch
transition so if you drag and drop that
to the end it just kind of glitches out
like that which is pretty cool and what
we can add here is another electricity
sound so we can take this electricity
sound click the alt option key drag and
drop it there and it just kind of adds a
little bit of extra noise so like that
and we can shorten this so we can zoom
in and we can make it a little bit
shorter that's what happens faster and
just roll that in nice so we can then
move the squeaky cable in and we can
have the laugh here as well we can move
this over just a tad it's a lot of
playing around with it now lastly I
wanted to add some music to this bit so
what I did was I downloaded this track
it sounds like this and I downloaded
this through the soundstripe Halloween
playlist so right now because it's that
time of season they usually make
seasonal playlists and I went to the
Halloween one and it was the Joker's
so all I did so I just played this and I
was like this is perfect I want to
license it so then I just dragged and
drop it down here and then one other
thing that I did is I added a cool
effect to make this track sound even
creepier I went and I searched for an
effect called pitch shifter and I double
clicked to apply it to the music and you
can see it's here let me mute the other
tracks you can actually hear the
so with it off this is what it sounds
like now I'm going to turn it on and hit
edit and from here you can choose a
preset called the Dark Lord and let me
just play this back so you can hear what
it sounds like so you can see it just
sounds much darker now if there was
somebody talking here it would really
sound like the Dark Lord because all
it's doing is taking down that tonal
shift right of that person talking it's
just taking it down so it's much you
know a deeper sound and you can play
around with this you can increase this
so it's not quite as dark and heavy
there you go
so it just kind of makes it a little bit
more creepy and distorted and you can
play around with this there's different
there's an angry gerbil so if you want
that to be kind of like a high-pitched
noise you'll see that it just moves it
up to 12 semitones versus Dark Lord it's
all the way the opposite right because
it's much lower deeper sound so I'll
just make it around minus five and I
think that sounds good so then what I
did was I just cut this at this point so
I cut this and I cut this and I deleted
the excess and I just add a little cross
dissolve a default transition at the end
there just so it nicely fades out and
then the laugh is here so let's go ahead
and let's unmute that and then here is
where I had this come back in and I had
an explosion sound and I just drag and
drop the explosion here and I just moved
this over to get more precision to have
this explosion start right at this clip
you can hit the command key on a Mac or
ctrl key on a PC and then just hit the
left arrow key to move this over move it
over just one more bit there perfect and
I think I downloaded one other ambience
track I can't remember which one it was
I think it was Asylum yes so I just took
this and I put it here as well and then
just cut it off right here so it was
just this laugh
and I might shift it over to when that laughs
stops so let's play back
and you'll see I also added the glitch
effect that I added to the end of this
clip here from before the impact glitch
effects so I can add another static
electricity here so I'm going to
basically copy this by hitting the
alt/option key again dragging and
dropping it here and just extending this
out so when that starts to glitch you
hear the electricity there we go and we
can click shift and select these two
effects right click and apply default
transitions as well so it fades out and
then the next step is just to use the
essential sound panel to make sure all
of the sound is leveled to open up the
central sound panel just go to window
and go to a central sound and this is
really cool you can select the music
track that you want to level out and
make sure it is at broadcast standard
and sounds good just select that then
choose the audio type so this is music
I'm going to choose music and now let me
just make this bigger so you can see
what happens so when I select so when I
select Auto match you can see that the
waveform drops it just matches the
loudness to a broadcast standard that's
all it does by doing this and if you
want to you can increase the clip volume
a bit just by that and then the next
thing you can do is ambience so we have
to ambient tracks here we have this
Asylum and the ambience here so what we
can do is we can click shift and select
the Asylum so it's two clips and then we
can select ambience and Auto match it and
you can add some reverb
let's do large room ambience and you can
increase the loudness too if you want it
to be a little bit louder as well and
then the next thing to do is select all
of the sound effects so we have all of
them here so what you can do is just
lasso and select all of them here and
then just hit shift and unselect Asylum
because we already did that one and now
we have all the sound effects selected
so then select sound effects and hit
Auto match and what this did was just
make sure that all the levels were
correct and then of course you can add
some reverb if you want and play around
with them at the individual level as
well even increase the clip volume a bit
as well so now
let's play back when all of the audio is
now corrected so I hope that you guys
enjoyed that viciously long horrific
tutorial if you did be sure to give it a
thumbs up and if you don't you will a
big ass and a special spell to all of my
lovely patrons we've reached over 50 so
thank you guys so much for my support so
I can start melding and creating more
magical tutorials for you on the channel
go to and check it out I will see you
guys next time

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