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hey what's up everybody and welcome back
to Gal today we are going to be showing
you the new auto reframe feature inside
of the latest release of Adobe Premiere
Pro 2020 which is version 14 in Auto
reframing does exactly what the title
does it uses Adobe sensized artificial
intelligence AI technology to auto
detect where the action in the shot is
happening so that way it can auto
reframe that shot to the action in
vertical as well as square videos and
any custom sequence that you're working
on so if you're doing lots of social
media video this is going to be a huge
time saver and this video is made
possible by the support from soundstripe now I've talked about soundstripe
before it's a great service for
filmmakers you can get unlimited tracks
for a small monthly fee and they have
sound effects too and better yet they
just created a new panel inside of
Premiere Pro so you can search for music
and sound effects inside of premiere and
licensed it for any type of project it
can be for commercial personal YouTube
whatever and you guys can save 10% using
my code GAL10 so go check it out I'll
put a link in the description now let's
go ahead and jump into premiere so if
you're creating a sequence from scratch
and you go down to new item sequence you
can create your own custom presets for a
vertical video now if you're wondering
how I created this custom sequence you
can watch a video that I'll put up in a
card in the upper right on how to do
that so I'm going to hit OK and you can
see it's a vertical sequence now if I
wanted to take this shot here that I got
from Envato elements
and I drag and drop it into my
timeline I want to make sure to keep
existing settings but now as I go
through you can
the up she goes off of frame now what I
would have to do is is keyframe the shot
or cut it so I could keep her in frame
but now with Auto reframe I can just go
over to effects and you can just search
Auto reframe and the latest update make
sure you download it of course and
double click to apply to the clip and it
starts to analyze it and it's super fast
so now you see as I scrub through she
stays and frame the entire time and I
didn't have to do anything literally if
you select this and go up to effect
control as you can see what auto reframe
does is auto generate all of these
keyframes you see all these keyframes up
here that is all a bunch of motion
position keyframes that it applied and
we didn't have to do that at all so that
is super cool but let's say you have a
final edit already prepared here you can
see I have one here I have music I have
transitions here let me just play it
back for you
so I have some pretty cool transitions
on there I use seamless transitions it's
an awesome pack thousand transitions you
guys should go check it out and I have
music from soundstripe so what if I
wanted to make a square version and a
vertical version of this traditionally
what you would have to do is you have to
go over here into your project panel and
you'd have to right-click and then you'd
have to duplicate it and then you'd have
to manually move all of the shots that
way it's framed in the action but now
what you can do is just right click on
the sequence then go to auto reframe
sequence and this is where it gets cool
here you can rename your sequence and
then you can choose the aspect ratio you
want the sequence to be auto reframe too
so if you want it to be square vertical
4:5 vertical 9:16
horizontal or custom which is really
cool so let's do square first and I'm
not going to nest the clips because I
have transitions if I nest the clips
this will remove transitions but it will
keep any motion adjustments that you've
made to those clips so I'm going to
select don't nest clips because I have
transitions and then hit create and then
while that is processing we can right
click again and let's go ahead and auto
reframe a 9:16 version alright now
let's go back to the final edit here and
let's go ahead and render just hit the
enter key
and same here with the final edit the 9
by 16 as I scrub through you can see
that all the shots are centered I didn't
have to do any reframing at all and all
that took was just a couple clicks
versus probably at least 15 minutes of
editing per sequence so it's a huge
time-saver I highly recommend you guys
checking it out
also be sure to check out soundstripe
you guys can get 10% off with my code at
GAL10 I'll put a link in the
description box below so if this video
helped you out be sure to give it a big
thumbs up if it gets to 5,000 likes that
I know that you guys love these new
update videos and if there's anything
else you guys want me to cover be sure
to leave a comment below and lastly a
huge shout out to my new patrons this
month if you go check out you guys can get some cool perks by
joining the community like free
templates each month and one on one
chats with me
alright you guys see you guys next time

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