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Hello everybody! And welcome back to Gal.
Today we are going to be talking about
transitions, how to apply them, and modify
them in Premiere we're going to start
with built-in transitions and then I'm
going to show you how to use this
awesome 500+ seamless transition
pack by Vamify, so without further ado
let's go ahead and jump on in. I have a
sequence of different landscape stock
video shots from Storyblocks, if you
guys are interested in the stock video
from Storyblocks I'll put a link in the
description. So one thing to note when
you're applying transitions is you don't
want to overkill it, you don't overdo it
you don't want to put too many
transitions. Every transition should have
an intention or a purpose in your cut
Now I made a whole video on creative
cuts and one of the cuts is a match cut
if you want to watch that video put a
card in the upper right but essentially
these first two shots have the same
movement it's forward movement on a
drone so it's a great match on action
right? It's a very simple one but to make
it even more fluid we could apply a
simple cross dissolve between them so
it's more seamless and fluid the first
way to apply the built-in cross
dissolve is by right-clicking between
the two clips and applying a default
transition because by default the cross
dissolve is the default transition in
Premiere. So if you right-click between
these two clips and apply default
transition, you will see the cross
dissolve is applied and let's see how it
Looks pretty fluid. If you need to make
the duration longer you can just grab
either end and you can see the duration
appears just below it and it shows you
how many more seconds you are adding so if you want to speed 3 seconds just stop
there and you'll see that it's also
symmetrical so there's a same amount of
duration on the left of the cut and on
the right of the cut and that's because
the alignment is "Center at cut" if we
change this to "tart at cut" you'll see
that the transition shifts over to start
at the beginning of the first cut or you
can change it to "end that cut" so it'll
start towards the beginning and "end at
the cut" more often than not you're going
to use the "Center at cut." A couple other
ways that you can change the duration
that is cool to know about you can right
click and you can
set transition duration this way or you
can go up to effect controls and let's
say you wanted to make it two seconds
you can just change it there and you can
see it automatically adapts so that is
the cross dissolve. Another thing that
you may need to do when you are editing
let's say you're editing to the beat of
the music and there's a beat about right
here and you don't want to change the
transition what you can do is hit "n" on
your keyboard to enable the rolling edit
control and you can roll this edit cut
point to meet the playhead and the
transition stays the same so you can
move this at any point you need and the
transition remains the same it's a
pretty cool tool that I use all the time
so the second way to apply transitions
is by going to the effects panel going
to video transitions and opening up this
folder now you can see that I have a
bunch of different transitions here some
of them are built-in and a few of them
are paid for plugins so the dissolve
folder, the immersive video, which are
transitions for 360 video, that comes
built-in premiere, iris, page peel, slide,
wipe, and zoom. These are all built-in. Now
if I wanted to apply a wipe between
these two clips I would just open up
wipe and I would take the wipe
transition click and drag in place
between the two clips and now you can
see it just as this nice wipe now I
probably wouldn't use a wipe in this
context this is just for demonstrating
how the transition works but this
transition would work really great for a
before and after video so if you were
showing what the house looked like
before it got renovated and then after
this would be a great effect to use and
if you click on it you can see you have
more controls so you can actually add a
border so if I increase this to like 25
you can see a thick black bar here if
you wanted to change this to white you
can do that I mean if you wanted to
change the direction because right now
it's going from left to right you can
change this by selecting the transition
and selecting reverse and now it goes
from right to the left which is pretty
cool so that's a wipe transition if you
ever wanted to make any transition the
default transition let's say you didn't
want cross dissolve to be the default
and for some reason you wanted the wipe
to be the default you can just right
click on wipe and set selected as
default transition. Another thing you can do that's really
handy is set the default duration for
all of your transitions you can go up to
Premiere Pro preferences and then go to
timeline and this is where you can
choose the default duration of a video
transition and I recommend changing this
to seconds and you can change it to
whatever duration that you want let's
say to. And the reason why I prefer
seconds is because if you choose frames
then the duration is different depending
on the frame rate for the different
sequences so you can hit OK and that's
all good. Another transition I wanted to
show you is actually one of the dissolve
transitions and it's "dip to black" so I
can just drag and drop the dip to black
right here and you'll notice that it
doesn't default to the center cut like
this if you click on this it defaults to
"start at cut" and that's because there's
no more information in the front of this
clip if I drag this up this is the start
of the clip I can't expand this out here
because there's no information so it
automatically defaults to start at the
cut and if I change this to center at
cut you'll see these stripes and
whenever you see these stripes it means
there's no information in the clip to
follow the cut and if for some reason
you wanted it at the center cut I can
just hit command X to cut this and what
I can do is I can roll this edit in so
there is information there and then push
this over and then expand this out and
now if I dip to black here you'll see
that there's no stripes because now
there's information so you see this is a
very common dip to black it's almost
like a cross dissolve and then there's
just a moment of black and this is used
in a lot of trailers for a cinematic
effect. Again, be careful with your
transitions you don't want to overdo it
unless it's underscoring the theme or if
you're trying to be cheesy or you're
trying to have some sort of emotion you
can use as many transitions as you want
but remember think about how is this
transition adding to the value of the
story or the theme of the video so these
are the built-in transitions there are
other types of transitions where they're
not located in effects and their actual
project files that you drag and drop
into the project panel and Vamify has
this new
pack of 500+ transitions, they're
seamless transitions and they're really
cool and you import them into the
project panel now I reached out to them
and they gave me the pack for free and
they also sponsored this video so if you
guys use my code GAL10 you can get 10%
off this awesome pack so after you
download the Vamify transitions, if
you go into main project you will see
that there's a project file for each
type of resolution so depending on what
resolution you're working on you'll
import that transition project file so
I'm working in full HD 1920 by 1080 so I'm going to drag and drop
that into the project panel now a little
pop-up will happen and you want to make
sure to import the entire project, create
a folder for the imported items, and also
allow importing of duplicate media then
hit OK you know we'll just take a second
to import the project you'll get a
little rainbow wheel most likely but
don't have to worry here it's just
trying to find all the media at the
moment and import it correctly into your
project now you may get something pop-up
here that says uh-oh! I can't find the media
and you need to link the media there's
no reason to be alarmed here it's just
telling you that it can't find Felix's
desktop which is what this pack was made
on so all you need to do is tell
Premiere Pro that actually these swishes
these audio files are actually located
on your drive now. To do that you're
going to hit locate and then you're
going to go into Vamify transitions
and then under main project you're going
to follow this path so footage/audio/swishes so we're gonna go to footage
audio, swishes and then find swish-01.wav
and then hit OK and what this will do is
will locate all of this missing media
and you don't have to worry about doing
it for each individual one and then it
says it can't find some rendered files
just ignore that and hit skip all. So now
that that's done now we can actually
play around with all the transitions so
what you can do is you can open up any
of these transitions there's flat, glitch,
panoramic, perspective, spin, stretch, warp,
zoom, a bunch. So let's say we wanted to
use a spin transition what we can do is
open up one of these subfolders here let's say
we wanted to use the elastic and what we
can do is double click to open up this
bin and then click on the icon view and
you can make this bigger and it will
show you a preview of how this
transition looks which is really cool so
what these transitions are are
essentially sequences that they've put
together so that's why there's actual
images here if I double click to open
this up you will see that there's a
sound effect as well so because this is
a sequence with footage there is one
little trick you need to do before you
drag and drop them in the timeline so
let's say you wanted to apply this
center rotation left in between these
two clips one thing to remember is
because there is footage on video layer
one you want to make sure that v1 is not
highlighted blue so make sure that this
is turned off and that this icon is off
here so when I drag and drop this it's
just taking the transitions, not the
images of Los Angeles here that is part
of this transition sequence. So now what
we can do is hit return or enter to
render out this transition so we can see
what it looks like it just takes a
second or so. Great and now we can play
this back. It's the exact same philosophy
for every single one so if we go back to
the project transitions here and let's
say we wanted to apply a perspective
transition elastic in if we double click
to open this up we can go to icon view
and we can preview the transitions that
we want so this is up smooth this is
down left so let's say we want the
perspective in down for this next
transition you can select it now watch
what happens when I select and drag and
drop it it's not showing the transition
it's just has the audio why is that why
is there no video? Well that's because if
you look over here none of these video
layers are selected on what we need to
do is turn on these sources here so it
will import them so now if we drag and
drop it you can see it takes video layer
two and three so now if we play it back you
can see it works so always be sure to
make sure that you have the video layer
sources turn on so that way it'll be
imported okay? So have fun play around
with these transitions remember to use
my code GAl10 to get 10% off and I'll
put a link in my description box below
and if this video helped you out be sure
to give it a big thumbs up if it gets to
five thousand likes than you guys like
these types of tutorials where I really
go deep dive into a particular type of
topic in Premiere Pro or any other
software that you guys want to learn
from and if you guys are also interested
I have my own store where and make my
own templates for my patrons each month
where you can get them for free if you
join the patreon community but if you
want to buy them one off I also sell
them in my store at Thanks so much for watching
everyone and I'll see you guys next time

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