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Hey what's up you guys and welcome back
to Gal today I'm showing you three
awesome time tricks in Premiere Pro the
first one you're going to learn how to
take shaky footage and turn it into
smooth buttery slow motion the second
one you're going to learn how to take a
long video clip and turn it into a
time-lapse and third you're going to
learn how to create speed ramps and
variable speed using time remapping in
Adobe Premiere Pro and then I'm going to
show you guys a brand new tool called
animation builder by smash works with
animation builder you can use the
essential graphics panel to create easy
and fluid text animations shape
animations and custom image animation so
stay tuned
to learn about how that works after the
tricks so without further ado let's go
ahead and jump on in so here I had this
B roll shot of the Osmo action I shot
this on the Sony RX100 at a hundred and
twenty frames per second now I just did
this handheld and I didn't really mind
that it was a little bit shaky because I
knew that I would be able to slow it
down and add warp stabilization in
Premiere Pro so this is a common
technique I do in a lot of videos and if
you guys shoot at 120 frames per second
you'll get more information so you can
create more fluid slow motion the first
step is to apply the warp stabilizer so
go to effects search warp stabilizer and
then double click to apply it on the
clip now what this will do if you go up
to the effect controls here you can see
that it's analyzing the frames and then
it will stabilize it to create smoother
motion all right so I'd finished so
let's play back to see how smooth it is
so you can see it's a lot smoother but
it's fairly quick and it could be slowed
down so this is where I use my favorite
tool in Premiere Pro the rate stretch
tool if you hit R on your keyboard you can
enable the rate stretch tool and then
just pull the end of the clip to
lengthen it out to get a different speed
but the issue here is that you cannot
apply a warp stabilizer
and change the speed on the same clip
but there's a workaround here so I'm
just going to hit command Z or control Z
on a PC to undo this and then what you
can do is go back to the selection tool
here right click on this clip and nest
it and then we can call this Osmo nested
anything like that and then hit OK and
what this did was it created a new
sequence and it embedded this sequence
inside of this sequence so you can see
over here Osmo nested is its own
sequence now so now we can use the rate
stretch tool on this nested sequence so
I'm going to hit the rate stretch tool
again and then expand this out to slow
it down so right now it's at 50% we can
expand this out a little bit further
let's say to around 4 seconds or so and
let me just go up here to right-click to
clear my in-and-out now let's go ahead
and hit Enter or return to render this
and now let's play it back at first
glance it looks a lot better than the
original shot but we can make it even
smoother using this trick you can right
click and change the time interpolation
from sampling which just repeats frames
and use optical flow which essentially
generates new frames it predicts what
those new frames will look like now
you'll have to render it out again
bullets render it out and then see the
result so this is the result with
optical flow you can see how much more
fluid it is again this is a really easy
way to shoot b-roll just shoot at a high
frame rate and then you can create
really buttery smooth slow-motion shots
it's really easy to do also you don't
need to shoot in 120 frames per second
you can even do this with you know 24
frames per second 30 frames per second
or 60 frames per second it may not be as
smooth as this but it's definitely worth
a shot to try out in your next video
now in Premiere Pro 2020 there was a new
update where you can actually remap a
shot and speed it up to 20,000 percent
before in 2019 let me open up the same
shot here in 2019 if you right click on
this video and go to show clip keyframes
time remapping speed this will enable
time remapping and if you hover over
this line here you can see that we could
just bring it up to a thousand percent
let me zoom in here with the navigator
so you can see the limit is a thousand I
can't go above thousand I'm stuck at a
thousand percent but now here in Adobe
Premiere Pro 2020 if i right
click on this clip and go to show clip
keyframes time remapping than speed if I
hover over this line click and drag up
there is no limit at a thousand percent
I can continue to go all the way up to
20 thousand percent now this is just a
seven minute clip so it might be
overkill to go up to 20 thousand percent
because if I do go all the way up if I
keep scrolling to 20 thousand it
actually makes this clip only two
seconds which is not very long so in
this case what I would do is probably
bring it back down just a bit more until
it seemed right and then I would just
render this out really quickly I'm going
to render in and out so you can see what
it looks like so now that it's all
rendered out I'm going to hit the loop
playback button this is a cool tip if
you guys ever want to loop playback just
hit this button here if you don't see it
here go to the plus icon and just find
it here and just drag that into your
menu bar so let's go ahead and play this
back I'm playing it back at 1/4
resolution just so the playback is more
smooth so you can see that the long clip
that was seven minutes in duration is
now more like a time-lapse shot so
that's one other cool trick to play with
time and Premiere
so this is a shot of a fly border and
oftentimes when you're doing time
remapping you may want to slow it down
and then speed it back up again to
really show off a move so this is where
time remapping and using keyframes to
change the speed and make speed ramps
comes in handy so just like before we're
going to right-click then select show
clip keyframes time remapping speed and
now this will enable time remapping so
let's say in general we want to slow
this clip down rather than going up
which increases the speed we're going to
go down this time and let's say we want
it to be at around 70 percent but then
we want it to slow down even more when
he starts to turn so let's say we want
him to slow down right about here you're
going to use the pen tool or hit P on
your keyboard click there and now let's
go to the moment where we want him to
speed back up again and let's create
another keyframe here so just click now
what we can do is go back to the
selection tool or press B on your
keyboard and just reduce the speed
between these points let's say down to
22% and you can see that the clip gets
longer because you're expanding this
section you're making this slower so you
see it's just a hard drop between this
speed and a lower speed what you can do
is expand this so that way it's more of
a ramp so that way it gradually reduces
speed so we can do the same thing here
and better yet when you click on one of
these handles here you can actually make
the curve exponential so it's less of
just a straight ramp and more of a speed
ramp that goes from slower to faster
quicker all right so let's go ahead and
play this back and see how it looks so
right now it's kind of staggered because
again as I said before it's better to
shoot in a hundred and twenty frames per
second because there's more information
now the
is a 25 frames per second shot okay so
this is definitely does not have as much
frames in it but what you can do to make
it smoother is right-click and again go
to time interpolation optical flow
alright and now let's hit Enter or
to render it out and let's see the
results so now that it's rendered out
let's see the results remember this
right here is at 70 percent speed if you
hover over the line it'll tell you the
speed and then it ramps down and it goes
to 22 percent and then it goes back up
again here to 70 percent so let's see
how it looks so you can see it just
looks super cool where the guy is in
full motion and it slows down and then
it speeds back up again and so now I'm
going to show you guys this brand new
tool that I've discovered called
animation builder by smash works it's a
really cool tool that allows you to
animate text without any keyframes
you can build shapes and animate them
with the presets that they've included
and so using the tool I'm going to show
you guys how to create a really simple
and easy logo opener without using any
keyframes so when you first install the
smash Works animation builder you'll get
this folder and it has the custom image
mogarts it's all here in different
resolutions the shape builder mogarts
in the text builder mogarts now I'm
working in an HD sequence not a 4k so
I'm going to be using the horizontal one
and the V here just stands for vertical
so what I'm going to do first is import
the HD mogart into my essential
graphics panel so if I click on the
install motion graphics template I can
then go into this folder into the text
builder and import the HD mogart which
is awesome and then here it is it
appears right here at the top now the
second Mogart this is where it gets
really cool because you can actually
import your own logos or any imagery so
before you go in here and import one of
these custom image mogarts you first
want to customize it using their
customizer tool so double click on this
URL to open this up and then it will
open up
this online tool where you can upload
that mogart and customize it so we can
just drag and drop it here so let's go
back to the finder and I'm going to drag
and drop my custom image HD mogart and
here I can see that there are 10
different placeholders for images so you
can put any type of image here you can
use JPEG PNG EPS everything listed here
and the way you do that is let's go back
over here you can see that I have two
logos that I used all the time my logo
the solid color one and then just the
white one which looks like that so I'm
going to drag and drop this one in the
first placeholder and then the white
logo in the second and then I'm going to
click generate template and just give it
a quick name I'll put the gal intro and
just click this button and it will
replace images and give you a new
mogart with your images so then what you
can do is you can show this in the
finder it automatically goes into the
Downloads and then you can just drag and
drop it in here like so now we can go
back here and install this mogrt let's
go back to animation builder and then we
can import this new mogrt so now they
are both here and this is where it gets
fun so I'm going to drag and drop this
text Mogrt in here it's going to take
a second to load so as I scrub through
you can see what the animation is it
goes down at the end because the
duration is 10 seconds and this
interface text just gives you a preview
of the parameters that you're going to
change over here so if you change
anything over here it will be reflected
in the interface text it's completely
optional to have this on this so I'm
just going to go ahead and turn this off
so now I'm just going to quickly update
the content of the text the font size
so now that I've updated the font size
in the location I'm actually going to
change it so that way it's not going
from up to down but instead from left to
right and to do that you're going to go
under step five here and change this to
ninety degrees so now it's going to go
from left to right like so another thing
that you can add is some other secondary
animation stuff down here under the text
reveal we can make it grow n so that way
it gets smaller too big so grow in is
number three so I'm going to change that
to number three and that will change
that and for the speed I don't want it
to last for ten seconds I think that
that is a little long so I'm going to
change this to five seconds and then it
will update so before you render it out
I want to add in the logo so I'm going
to drag and drop this on top of the text
here and you can see that it
automatically has my GAL logo because
that was the first placeholder now I
want to change this to the white logo so
I'm going to change this to number two
which is the second place holder and it
will change it to my white logo I'm also
going to turn off the interface so I can
better see what's going on and then next
you can choose the type of animation I'm
going to animate the position still I
think that's good is that number one and
then I'm going to have it bounce I'm
going to choose number three here for
the speed I'm going to have it stay at
three see how it looks we can always
change that later I like it going up to
down at 180 so I'm going to keep that
and then I'm going to change the
duration to six another thing I'm just
going to make the logo just a tad bit
smaller so I'm just going to reduce this
to around 85 and next let's hit enter to
render it out and just like that we have
our simple little logo animation and we
didn't have to do any keyframe it's
really cool it has this nice little
growing a little bounce action so I'd
highly recommend animation builder go
check it out I'll put a link in the
box below there's lots of other creative
use cases for example down here on their
website they have this creative use case
where somebody built this entire
animation using animation builder using
custom images and shape builders so
definitely check it out link in the
description so that's it for this video
you guys if this video helps you out and
you like this content be sure to give it
a thumbs up if it gets to 5,000 likes it
really helps me out because then I know
that you guys love this type of content
and a huge shout out to all my patrons
if you guys become a patreon you can get
some free templates each month that I
sell on my store thanks again you guys
for watching and I'll see you guys next
time bye

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