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hey what's up everybody and welcome back
to gal in this video you're going to
learn how to make a glitch distortion
effect to give your video a VHS or early
90s TV look and the best part is to
achieve this effect you do not need any
plugins I'm going to show you how to
create it using built-in tools in
Premiere and I will show you how to use
music to help bring your retro vibe to
life and make it feel more authentic on
that musical note I reached out to music
pad and they sponsored this video thanks
to music bed you can get a free 30-day
trial of their subscription using my
link below and it will give you
unlimited music that you can use with
your own YouTube channel or equivalent
social platform you can also collaborate
on projects you can invite coworkers or
friends to add songs and give feedback
I'll show you more about how to use
music bed search in the tutorial when
you get to that part but for now let's
go ahead and jump on into premiere for
the tutorial the first step to creating
our VHS RGB split effect is to go to new
item to create a new sequence here we
can use a preset that has a 4 by 3
aspect ratio let's choose the DV NTSC
standard you can see here in the details
of the preset that it has a 4 by 3
aspect ratio now let's hit OK now we can
take our HD stock video clip and place
it inside of the 4 by 3 sequence and
here we're going to keep the sequence
settings the same now go to effect
controls and scale down the video to fit
inside of the frame the next step is to
create the RGB split first on this clip
go to effect controls and change the
blend mode to a linear dodge add this
blend mode will enable the RGB split
after we apply color balance effects and
duplicate the laters which you will see
it shortly so go to effects in search
for the color balance RGB effect and
double click to apply to the clip now
let's make red 100 and green and blue 0
next let's duplicate the clip in the
timeline by holding the option key and
dragging and dropping above
this time let's make red zero and green
100 now let's duplicate the clip again
to the third layer in the timeline
this time let's change green to zero in
blue to 100 now the clip looks normal
because each color is in balance but now
if we select one of the layers and begin
to move the position controls this is
where the split begins so let's select
another video layer and let's move the
position now the more that you move it
the more drastic the effect will be so
you can choose how much you want now
let's add in some noise first let's
create an adjustment layer and then
let's drag it on top of all three layers
and let's drag the end handle to meet
the duration of the video below now from
effects search for noise and let's drag
and drop it on the adjustment layer now
from effects controls let's increase the
noise to about 15 or 20 percent until
you get the amount of noise that you
like now it's time to add an animating
distortion to the screen by searching
for an effect called wave warp and
applying it to the adjustment layer now
it looks strange at first but let's make
some adjustments let's change the wave
type to square and let's keep the wave
height at 10 now let's increase the
width of these squares to about a
thousand then let's change the direction
to zero and then the wave speed let's do
0.2 and you can change the speed to be
faster by increasing this number or
slower by making it lower then for the
pinning we want to pin it to all the
edges so we don't see any black on the
sides now we can render it out to see
how the wave warp looks
it's looking pretty good so let's go
ahead and add in some on-screen text
such as a play and a date like you
typically see on a VHS let's use the
type tool to quickly type out play and a
date and time in the lower left i used a
font called vcr OSD mono which is a free
font and it helps it make a look more
VHS like so now we want to move the wav
warp and noise adjustment layer to be on
top of the text so I'm just going to
move the text layer just below the
adjustment layer and to make the text
less sharp let's search for an effect
called fast blur and let's double click
to apply it to the text layer you will
see that the fast blur is now in our
essential graphics panel and in our
effect controls if we increase the
blurriness to 10 it's a bit too much so
let's make it more subtle and I'll
change it to 1 if you want to use this
text in the future you can right click
on the layer here in the sequence and
export it as a motion graphics template
and save it to your local templates
folder then you can browse to search for
it in the future and use it in all your
future projects now the video is almost
complete we just need to add some 90s
music to round it out luckily music vets
search and browse features make it super
easy to get the sound that you like
while 90's music is diverse for me when
I think about the 90s
I feel uplifted happy and I feel a
little bit of love of course there were
sad songs too but for this video I'll
focus on the happy so what I'm going to
do is apply these mood filters just by
hitting the checkmark next to each mood
then I can get more specific under
attributes and I'll apply the grungy
attribute because for me the 90's was
happy but also a bit grungy with these
filters we narrowed it down to 5 song
selections let's play some don't
and give yourself okay used to go from
yes that's a good choice it kind of
sounds like some blink-182 there now
let's play the next one kiss it better

now I really like this one because it
has more of a Nirvana and Prince vibe
and now come on by chair model

so what I do is I typically play back
four to five tracks I like and then I'll
make a decision in this case I think I'm
gonna go with kiss it better
so rather than downloading it here I'm
actually going to click on the track and
download both the lyrical and the
instrumental versions to my computer and
the reason I do both is in case in my
videos I'm talking I like to use the
instrumental version so that way the
lyrics do not clash when I'm talking and
then I just imported into Premiere and I
lay it down underneath the video layer
in the timeline and here is the final

that's it for this video and if you
found it useful be sure to give it a big
thumbs up and if it reaches 5,000 likes
that helps me know that you like this
type of content and also be sure to try
out music bed for your next video
using my 30-day trial link below and
lastly new to the premiere guile
template story is a new holiday
Christmas pedal pack I designed that you
can use in any project and modify the
font colors and more if you become a
patron at slash premier
account you'll get templates just like
this for free each month thanks again
for watching and I'll see you all next

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