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hey what's up everybody and welcome back
to gal in this video I'm going to show
you how to create four different effects
used in popular music videos my hope is
that it will inspire ideas on ways you
can be creative with your own music
video edits and since I can't use music
from these videos due to copyright I'll
be using music from sound stripe and I
reached out to sound strip and they
sponsored this video with sound stripe
for less than $15 a month you can get
unlimited music for any type of video
from commercial to personal projects so
if you're making a wedding video a
tutorial or corporate ad or a training
video it all costs the same the music is
super easy to find with their advanced
search tools and better yet you can
search and licensed music directly in
Premiere Pro with their sound stripe
panel I'd encourage you all to try out
sounds right for your next video you can
sign up with the link in my description
and get 10% off with my code galton
thanks sound start for sponsoring now
let's get back into the video for the
first effect from rap monsters video I'm
using the silhouette dancer clip from
if you want to learn how to turn
yourself or anyone into a silhouette I
have a tutorial on how to do this with
your own green screen first let's press
the option key and drag and drop the
video clip on video layer 2 to duplicate
then from effect controls let's scale
the layer up to a hundred and twenty
percent and let's move the horizontal
position to around 1780 then let's
reduce the opacity to 40% now let's
duplicate it again to video layer three
and let's increase the scale to a
hundred and forty percent this time and
then we'll move the horizontal position
again to around 16 20 and let's
duplicate it one more time to video
layer four and let's increase the scale
to 180 percent and let's move the
horizontal position to around 1470 and
now we can play it back and you can see
we have this nice layered opacity effect
that kind of looks like duplicated
shadows for the second effect from lose
you to love me you can use multiple
of any singer mid shots close-ups and
then layer them together to create many
motions to replicate this effect I'm
using two different clips of the singer
I found from envato on video layer one
I'll put the mid shot and on video layer
two I'll put the close-up now we're
going to go to the wrench tool and we're
going to expand all tracks and also make
sure that video keyframes are on so we
can key from the opacity you will see
that this white line displayed on both
the tracks is the opacity control so now
I'm going to stagger the second clip so
it starts a bit later than the beginning
of the first video clip on video layer
one now I'm going to right click on the
beginning of the top layer on video
layer two and apply a default cross
dissolve by right-clicking now on the
clip on video layer two I'm going to
select this opacity line and bring it
down to around sixty percent so it's
more transparent then at about two
seconds I'm going to press P for the pen
tool to create a keyframe on the opacity
line on video layer one and two then I'm
going to move the playhead to about a
second later and I'll add another
keyframe and for the top layer video two
I'm going to increase the opacity to 100
and on the bottom I will decrease it
down to zero so now we can play it back
and see how it looks so now as we play
back you can see the opacity change in
the clips blend together like in Selena
music video and then again we can
keyframe to lower the opacity on the top
layer on video layer two and then raise
the opacity on the bottom layer back up
to 100 if you make the distance between
the two keyframes longer then the cross
itself will have a longer duration and
the two clips will be blended together
for a longer period of time you can of
course add more layers on top of this
for more moods and effects but I just
wanted to illustrate how simple it is to
keyframe opacity in your timeline the
next effect is a VHS look as seen in
cold plays video orphans throughout the
video they crop the videos to many
different sizes so what I'm about to
show you can be applied to any
sighs that you like in my most recent
tutorial I break down step by step how
to produce a VHS distortion and RGB
split using built-in tools in Premiere
so watch that full tutorial in a card up
above and link below to learn how to
create that effect but for now I'm going
to show you how to add a mask to make it
look like it's coming from a TV or have
a different frame size here in my
sequence I have the VHS effect you can
see I have several layers so what you
need to do to make this easier is first
lasso and select all the layers and then
right click to nest it now all the
layers are nested within this one layer
now I'm going to scale this down to
around 70% from the effect controls then
underneath opacity I'm going to use the
pen tool to draw a rectangle with curved
edges to do this I'm going to click to
make the first point but I'm going to
click and hold so will be a curved edge
then again I'm going to click and hold
in another corner to make a curved edge
and then once again and then I'm going
to click to close it off then underneath
feather I'm going to increase it from 10
to 30 then we're going to click back in
the timeline to see the final result to
make any adjustments click back on the
mask from effect controls and you can
tweak the points further until it looks
right and that's how you create a mask
to create different sized video frames
for your next music video lastly but
certainly not least lyric videos in the
chainsmokers video closer you can see
that the handwritten text is large and
animates in and out in a shaky way
almost like it's wiggling to create this
effect I use this awesome template
called lyrics template and elements from
innovative elements and you can use it
in After Effects so you can turn off any
composition here just by clicking the
eye icon and then you can double-click
on any composition you want to edit
until you are able to edit the text so
I'm going to use the song never let go
by my buddy bike and Jesse Villa
take me back to the nurse we've felt
alive picking up the pieces on a summon
Letta can't hold it I would feel just
like my heart's on fire whenever I'm
with you
so from each text layer I'm going to
type in the lyrics from the song then
once I do that I'm going to change the
font to a handwritten font that I like
called million notes and I'll link to
that in the description box below it's a
free font and then I'll quickly do the
same to the two other lyrical lines
which are in the other compositions then
from the main composition here you can
place any video you like I'm just going
to drop in some stock video and then
here is the result with just those three
lines and of course you can edit more
compositions to finish the lyrics of the
full song
take me back to the nights we've felt
alive picking up the pieces on a summer
night again know that I would get just
like my hearts on fire

so I really love using templates like
this because it saves so much time
you don't have to do any animating it's
all done for you you just have to edit
the content again this template is from
Envato elements and I've linked to it
below and what do elements has lots of
other templates you can use not just
this one so I'd highly recommend it so
those are the effects for this video if
you found these effects useful be sure
to give this video a thumbs up and if it
reaches 5,000 likes then I know you want
more content like this and also don't
forget to check out sound stripe use my
code galton to get 10% off unlimited
music for all your videos that's it for
this video and I'll see you guys next
time bye


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