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hey what's up everybody and welcome back
to gal in this video I'm showing you how
to use a luma fade preset to create the
popular luma fade transition in Premiere
Pro you've probably seen this look in
some of Sam Coulter's videos so if
you're keen to try it out yourself keep
on watching the luma fade preset is now
part of the seamless transition pack by
replayer on videohive which i've linked
to below I use reap layers transitions
and almost every one of my tutorials
it's one of my favorite packs so if
you're interested in learning more about
the entire pack you can watch my full
video review and tutorial on the card in
the upper right without further ado
let's go ahead and jump on it there are
three important things you should keep
in mind to make your luma fades look
in order to make illuminate work you
need at least two video clips and they
must be stacked inside your timeline
secondly you need to make sure you use
footage with the same exposure level if
you use a dark shot with a bright shot
it's not going to look great and third
don't make it too short you can always
adjust the length of the transition but
remember not to make it too short or it
won't look that great and now for a
quick add by hover hover has over 400
domain names to choose from from the
classics to the more fun extensions like
dot design audio dot photos actor and
more and once you choose a domain on
hover with the hover connect feature
it's easy to connect your domain to any
website builder that you use like
in addition to domains they also offer
personalized email that matches your
domain and you'll be able to connect
this email with any email app you
already use and thanks to hover you can
get 10% off your first purchase using my
code gal 10 in the link description
thanks so much to hover for sponsoring
now let's get back to the video
first let's start with stacking the
video clips in our timeline I have two
clips of the Great Wall of China that I
got from envato
I'll place the closer up shot one video
layer one and the wider shot on video
layer two you'll see that the two clips
have similar exposure levels which is
recommended for luma fades but the color
is slightly different the wide shot is
just a tad more blue there is a way that
you can match the color using premiers
built-in color matching tool so what you
need to do is first select the
comparison view button from your program
panel and then from reference you're
going to scrub to the shot you want to
match the color from let's scrub to the
close-up shot then in the timeline scrub
to the shot you want to apply the color
to in this case it's the blue colored
wide shot and then we're going to go to
lumetri color under color wheels and
match and select apply match and now you
can see the colors match and the reason
why I'm showing you this is that the
closer the two shots match in color the
better the transition will look it's
recommended to cut the top clip to the
desired length of the transition let's
cut it down to around two seconds and we
can always adjust the transition
duration later on next we're going to go
to effects and find the presets folder
now this is where you're going to import
the luma preset from the pack first we
need to right click on the folder and
then import and this is where you can
find the luma fade preset from the
premiere folder on your computer which
is part of the pack that you need to
download them you'll see that once you
import them that there are four
different presets to choose from let's
use the luma one smooth and drag it on
to video layer two now from effect
controls you can see that the preset is
simply a gradient wipe with modified
parameters and pre-made keyframes so all
you have to do is move the keyframes to
adjust the luma fade duration if you
move the far right keyframe to the left
you'll speed it up and if you move it to
the right you'll slow it down of course
there's no correct duration it actually
depends on how the Clips blend typically
I recommend adjusting the duration and
then clean it back to see how it looks
and then making any further adjustments
you can also play around with the invert
gradient here from effect controls you
check to see the results and then decide
which looks better in this case I'm
gonna keep the invert checked on so
let's play it back to see how it looks
so video layer two is blending
seamlessly into video one it looks great
but now let me show you how to create a
perfect loop let's press the option key
and drag and drop the clip on a video
layer two to duplicate it now I'll roll
the clip to end up the frame or the
first clip begins

and then what we can do is take Lumet to
smooth and drag it on to this clip and
let's fine-tune the luma duration from
the effect controls and now when we play
it back you can see that the luma two
did the exact reverse and now blends
video 1 into video 2 again now we can
press the playback button from the
program panel and you can see the final
result and of course you can export this
video to have a nice looping luma fade
video for social media so that's it for
this video if you have any questions
about the luma fade or have any other
requests for tutorials be sure to leave
a comment below and if you found this
info useful be sure to give it a big
thumbs up and if it reaches 5,000 likes
that I know that it helped you out and
just a reminder that luma fade is just
one transition preset in a pack with
over a thousand seamless transitions
which is linked below thanks again for
watching and I'll see you next time bye

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