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many armies might be mad by the video
title in fact gin has been under a
constant and unfair criticism since its
besides criticism saying he can't dance
he can sing there also has been voices
to say he's the most unnecessary member
of BTS although people try to ignore
these voices since they're from
malicious comment errs the accusations
did not seem to fade away without Jen
could therapy BTS we know today if there
are any of those who accuse Jen please
let them see this video thus generally
lack the skills to refute against this
idea let's look back to his trainee days
at first Jin wanted to be an actor they
wish to be acting instead of being an
idol however after being casted by
bigoted entertainment he started the
dream of becoming a singer it is true
that his skills were slightly short
compared to those of his fellow members
however he did not give up and kept
moving forward especially there were
many impressions to noticed his highly
improved skills since the DNA comeback
and surely the members were the first to
notice such difference from the
documentary movie burned a stage you can
see every member appraising Jin's life
performance skills together they say
that the most notable difference during
the tour was the development of Jin this
amazing development of Jin makes us
realize what an underrated member he was
they get under Taemin knew all of Jin's
potentials from the very beginning they
thought at the moment they cast a Jin in
front of Congo University that he was a
talent not to be missed
he was stand much handsome also famous
within the agency during his trainee
years Jin also says he is in charge of
dividuals within his team calling
himself worldwide handsome
in fact his good looks as his most
strongest weapon he is well known to be
the visual members of BTS alongside with
Taeyang in Jungle however it is notable
that Jin was also voted for the
most handsome face by Plastic Surgeons
if you look at a graph photo of BTS you
can see why he is dissenter visual for
the team song Gogan team are very
good-looking too however Jin's looks are
likeable by anybody as a matter of fact
Janus also the most liked member by many
moms and dads too he is loved by all
people due to his elegant and
well-balanced looks also another very
important thing there is one of the
reasons in as an essential member of BTS
the you know he has nickname of mom in
fact Jenna's taking cuter of all the
members since his debut it is well known
that he took the youngest member dongho
to a buffet because it had not eat meals
properly he also cooked meals for the
members but ingredients he shot with his
own money he can cook a variety of
dishes including rice cake soup steak
and also Korean omelet he says he's
happy when he sees two members eat well
he well deserves to name name mom his
caring personality for others has
recently made headlines again last month
on 25th on the television show radio
star rapper sleepy has thanked Jin for
his kindness Jan and sleepy became close
friends during the shoot for the
television program law of the jungle
however there have been recent reports
and sleepy not being able to receive as
P from his prior agency sleepy was under
severe economic crisis as he was not
able to pay for his rent and electricity
while he was fighting through hard times
he had a text message from Jin don't get
me wrong brother if things are too tough
please give me a call I can be a little
help please don't take me wrong call me
this text message of Jin tells us about
his deep caring personality as the
eldest member of the team he is
accustomed to helping others around him
we can see that the huge success of BTS
is based in such operating kind
characteristics of the members if there
weren't the mod early sacrifices of Jin
there wouldn't be beat
yes that we know today a team is one or
getting life form in order for a team to
achieve harmony there needs to be a
moderately figure to lead each of the
members of strong individual
personalities I would like to thank Jin
for being a member of BTS Kim sucked in
striving to his fullest even at this
moment they look forward to his great

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