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K-pop issue | Secrets in BTS’ New Album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ #BTScomeback


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BTS is coming back with their new album
map of the soul 7 next month on last
January 7th
BTS announced they will be releasing a
new album in February on Twitter the
announcement on fan community site
Weavers states
BTS map of the soul seven will be
released on Friday February 21st
pre-orders will begin on Thursday
January 9th additional details about the
new release will be available on BTS
weavers and the fan cafe we look forward
to continued interest and support from
all of army army was surprised to hear
their sudden comeback fans expect BTS to
come back in April but armies are
screaming for happiness when they heard
the comeback news which was two months
last year's album map of the soul
persona was a worldwide hit so not only
the k-pop markets but also global music
industries are paying attention to the
new upcoming album fans are already
guessing what their new album title map
of the soul seven means without any
teasers or album photos yet we cannot
know all the concepts or meanings
perfectly but I could find some
interesting things that can be hidden in
the new album so I decided to make this
video for Army's are you ready let's
let's talk about the phrase map of the
soul first which was used since their
last album bigoted Entertainment and CEO
pong Co has been trying to build their
own universe since the debut of BTS
through the album's and BTS universe
they wanted to give the message to the
fans that the way to love yourself is to
face yourself without a mask and to find
a map of the soul that finally makes you
up so where did the title of the
ultimate series map of the soul come
from this may be due to the influence of
epic I a Korean trio hip hop group epic
I debuted in 2003 a musician who made a
big contribution to popularizing Korean
hip-hop by attempting to combine hip hop
with other genres and is one of the most
popular groups in Korean hip hop history
RM and Suga both said they have dreamed
of becoming hip hop musicians after
listening to the music of epic high and
producer pong gia was inspired by the
universe by working with them as a
composer the name of the hip hop label
that epic I established and the album
that showed their universe were map of
the soul the label was later merged with
other entertainment company and
disappeared but pong Shia and BTS
appeared to have been greatly influenced
by this artists there are also many
speculations by armies about the number
seven as seven members who debuted in
2013 celebrated their 7th anniversary
this year 2020 will have a special
meaning for BTS after the news of the
release of the new album was announced
the number 7 was posted on bts's
official SNS without saying anything
Army's also pointed out that the Korean
word indigo which means 7 is similar to
the English word ego so there will be a
lot of solo songs of the members in the
album which will show their deep
feelings and thoughts also in the BTS
this new year goal V live we could find
there are many members who were
preparing solo songs so it can be
possible enough we talked about some
hidden meanings of bts's upcoming album
map up the soul 7 are you excited for
BTS s combat Army's feel free to leave
comments about
how you feel now and stay tuned for
updates on BTS s new album

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